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Revitalizing A Service Brand: The Perspective Of Top Managers

Clement A. Nyaaba Benjamin A. Asunka

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Brands in the past have gone through suffering with others even dying in Ghana. Though, existing literature considered the causes of brand decline and revitalization of brands in Ghana and beyond, it limits itself to only the product brands. This paper explores the understanding of the causes of service brand decline and the strategies for revitalizing them. In order to address these objectives effectively, a qualitative approach was used with in-depth interviews with people who have had extensive experience in managing service brands. The CEO of the Intercity STC and the Marketing Director of Vodafone Ghana Limited were selected in a purposive sampling for this study. The study found that the causes of brand decline arise from the management own actions and inactions; changes in the marketing environment; competition; and the absence of marketing communication. Recommended strategies for revitalizing a fading brand are increasing the depth and breadth of awareness; improving the brand image and repositioning the brand in the market.

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