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Incentives of 5 FU infusions through pump and decrease stay in hospital

Arifa Aziz, Samrina Imran

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Background: In developing countries chemotherapy and their administration cost is the major issue which is addressed by introducing chemotherapy infusion pumps, started for the first time in oncology day care at Aga khan university hospital Karachi Pakistan in the year 2012.Chemotherapy which was studied for this purpose was 5-Florouracil given through 46 or 96 hours infusion pumps implemented in the following regimes:

FOLFOX: Folinic Acid+5-Florouracil+Oxaliplatin

FOLFIRI: Folinic Acid+ 5-Florouracil+Irinotecan

FOLFIRINOX: Folinic Acid +5-Florouracil+Irinotecan+Oxaliplatin

DCF: Docetaxel+Cisplatin+5-Florouracil

The above mentioned Chemotherapy regimens are mostly used in gastrointestinal cancers such as colorectal, gastric and pancreatic cancers.

Methodology: A comparative  study  is done on  cost  difference  and patients  satisfaction, by developing survey forms  and 3  months  data  of  patients  was gathered who were admitted  for  three  to  four  days  in ward to receive chemotherapy and compared  with  those who  were  admitted  in  oncology  day  care for six to eight hours for the same treatment.

Results: Results turned up as remarkable cost reduction, increased convenience, more compliance and hence overall great patient’s satisfaction.

Conclusion: It is concluded that chemotherapy administration in oncology day care for gastrointestinal cancers after introduction of elastomeric portable infusion pumps for 46 or 96 hours of 5-FU not only increased patient’s satisfaction with less financial burden but also enabled patients to perform normal routine activities of life.

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