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Assessment of health status of the stone quarry workers in Yelakeli, Wardha district in Central India

Manish A Prasad, Vijay Bhagat, Vasant Wagh, Abhay Mudey, Smrutiranjan Nayak, Varun Gaiki

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Background: Stone Quarry workers in India work in dusty environment and it is an unorganized sector scattered all over India. Various procedure and methods are involved in this work. Respiratory morbidity is commonly associated with this industry.

Objective: 1) To Study the socio-demographic profile of stone quarry workers in Wardha district. 2) To assess the health status of stone quarry workers with special reference to respiratory morbidities.

Method: A cross sectional study was carried out at a stone quarry in Yelakeli, in Wardha district. It included total 150 workers of which Male: 138, Female: 12. Pulmonary function test was also carried out.

Result: Most of the workers 63% of them were between 21 to 40 years of age. 89% of the workers were staying near the stone crushing industry. 68% of the workers were working since less than 5 years. 81% of the workers were not using any protective equipment.  Smokers had decreased PEFR than the non-smokers, more than 30 years old had decreased PEFR.

Conclusion: Many of workers had some or the other health related problems. The significant problems were musculoskeletal problems, eye problems and respiratory problems.


Stone Crushers, Pulmonary Function Test, Respiratory Problem, Musculoskeletal Problem, Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR).

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