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Assessing the Quality of Primary Care Provided to an Indigent Population as it Relates to Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk

Nadine M. Aktan

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The purpose was to evaluate the quality of primary care services provided to those presenting at a free clinic. The indigent may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.This study employed a prospective design. Data were collected for 109 participants. Clients found the quality of care provided to be very good. Although statistically significant changes did not occur between outcomes over time, significant correlations were found between body mass index, blood pressure and glycohemoglobin. These modifiable risk factors may be affected by the provision of quality primary care services provided at free clinics, but are influenced by a variety of confounding variables. This study has led to a variety of conclusions and implications for nursing practice. Nurses play a key role in the provision of quality primary care. By fostering decreased cardiovascular risk, nursing professionals can significantly improve the health status of the indigent and possibly minimize disparities.

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