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Assessment the Nurses Performance in Providing Care to Patients Undergoing Chest Tube in Suez Canal University Hospital

Magda Abdelaziz Mohammed, Mahmoud Elprince Mahmoud, Hamdy A Sleem, Noha Mohammed Ibrahim

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Chest tube care is one of’ the most important nursing procedures because patients who need chest tubes are usually seriously ill and require advanced nursing care. Accordingly, vigilant and expert nursing care can prevent serious complications. The aim of the present study is to assess nurses’ performance in providing care to patients undergoing chest tube. The study was a descriptive research design was used to conduct this study; a total number of 70 nurses were selected randomly using systematic sampling technique. Data were collected for a period of four months, using two tools: Tool (1) Questionnaire sheets to assess nurses, knowledge about care provided to patients undergoing chest tube. Tool (2): Observational checklist to assess the nurses’ practice in providing care to patients undergoing chest tube. The results of the present study revealed that unsatisfactory level of performance in providing care to patients undergoing chest tube among nurses in the sample. There was significant relation between nurses, knowledge, practice and degree of qualification. Also there was no correlation between nurses, knowledge and practice .The study recommended that improve nurses, theoretical knowledge and clinical applications of chest tube care &continuous evaluation of nurse’s knowledge and performance is essential to identify nurse’s needs.

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