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Development of Critical Appraisal Tool for Cross- Sectional Studies (CAT-CSS)

Sahar M. Soliman, Rasha A. Mohamed, Amel I. Ahmed

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Appraisal of research quality is important issues in interpreting primary research. Tools for assessing quality in clinical trials and other research study designs are well described. However, less attention has been given to similar tools for cross-sectional studies. Aim of the study: The study aimed to develop a critical appraisal tool that includes the criteria appropriate for criticizing cross-sectional study design (CAT-CSS). Research Design: Delphi survey technique was used as an iterative multistage process. Subjects and sampling: A Delphi panel of (15) academic staff members was established by using of non- probability purposive sampling technique. Setting: The study took place at the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University during the period from June 2016 to January 2017. Survey tools: Tools were designed to assess study content validity and face validity of the developed appraisal tool. Results: concerning face validity of CAT-CSS, all academic staff members (n=15) found the tool was scientifically worthy, easy to apply, presented in logical sequence, specific, unambiguous and valid for prevalence data. Concerning criterion validity, there were significant positive correlations between scores of the study validity section's domains and its overall quality scores.

Conclusion: CAT-CSS showed acceptable level of content, face and criterion validity as well as it was accepted statistical reliability.

Recommendations: Disseminating CAT-CSS for further testing specially for construct validity.

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