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Utilization of Different PartogramsinLabor Monitoring:its Effect on Maternity Nursing Students’ Performance

Fatma Aboul Khair Farag, Rania A. Eid Farrag

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The Partogram is considered a valuable tool in the improvement of maternity service by displaying intrapartum details in a pictorial manner followed by an accurate decision for intervention to ensure safe delivery. Training on using partogram in a right way in terms of teachable, applicable and friendliness should be start from the under-graduation nursing courses. Aim: was to compare the utilization of different partogramsin labor monitoring: its effect on maternity nursing students’ performance. A Quasi experimental research study carried out in the labor ward at Maternity Hospital affiliated to Fayoum University, Egypt. Convenience sample of 125 students enrolled in the academic year (2015-2016). The first term consists of 62 students adopted the modified WHO partogram. While the second term consists of 63 students adopted graphless (paperless) partogram. Four tools were used: 1) Student’s demographic data assessment tool, 2) labor monitoring tool; Different format of partograms( graphless, and modified WHO), 3) Labor monitoring performance checklist, 4) Nursing students’ opinionnaire sheet. Results: There were a statistically significance difference between the groups regarding completely recording and plotting common partogram parameters favor for graphless partogram.In addition the student who adopted the graphless format able to detect, reporting and recording the abnormal findings as insufficient uterine contraction and poor labor progress. Regarding to overall nursing students' opinions concerning their adopted partogram, 74.6% of students whom adopted graphless partogram exhibit their agree regarding to their use for this format against 39.9% of students adopted WHO format. Conclusion: The students adopted the graphless partogram able to track all the parameters of labor monitoring by complete manner than the WHO format as well as enable them to early detect and report the abnormalities. Recommendations: Conduct the research on utilization of the graphless partograph as labor monitoring tool at a wider scale to enable generalization for undergraduate students in all Egyptian nursing faculties.

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