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Assess the level of psychosocial health among adolescents at MTPG & RIHS, Puducherry”

Manjubala Dash

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Objective: To assess the level of psychosocial health behavior among adolescents and to associate the level of psychosocial health behavior with the selected demographic variable of the adolescents. Method: The research approach for this study was quantitative approach with non experimental descriptive research design. 63 adolescents with an age group of 16-19yrs were recruited for the study. Samples were selected by using purposive sampling technique. HEADSS psychosocial screening tool was used for the assessment of psychosocial health of the adolescents. Result: The findings of the study shows that 85.7% (54 ) are at low risk, 11.1% (7 ) at medium risk and 3.1% (2 ) were at high risk. The demographic variable age shows association with psychosocial health with the chi-square value of 0.003. Conclusion: The psychosocial health plays a vital role in the development of adolescents. So routine screening of psychosocial health of the adolescents are necessary for the improvement of their mental health. Recommendations: The recommendation from the study is that the high risk students should be send for counseling and medium risk students should be under proper supervision of the parents and teachers.

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