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“Effectiveness of Peak Flow Guided Self Management Plan on Asthma Health Outcomes among Patients with Bronchial Asthma at Chest OPD, SRI Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai-116”

M. Malarvizhi, B. Hariprasad, M. Bhavani

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Objective: To identify the effect of peak flow guided self-management plan among asthmatics.

Design:Randomized controlled  trial

Setting:Department of Chest and TB, Outpatient department, SRH

Subjects: Mild and  moderately Persistent type of asthma. (GINA, 2009)

Interventions:Self Management plan guided by peak flow measurements

Main outcome measures:Admissions to hospital and outpatient 

attendance, days off work, lung function.

Results: The mean number of visits to Outpatient department , days off work were lower . There were no  admissions during the data collection period..

Conclusions: Peak flow guided self management plan reduces the episode of asthma and improves quality of life. 

Hence the Nurses play an vital role in imparting the knowledge of peak flow monitoring at home as a part of self  management plan .  This can be facilitated by motivating the nurses to provide outpatient based education to progress towards their well-being.

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