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Advanced Desktop computer

Vivek chand Kharwar

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A new concept of pc is coming now that
is Advanced Desktop computer Concept
pc. The Advanced Desktop computer is a
sphere shaped computer concept which is
the smallest design among all the laptops
and desktops have ever made. This PC
concept features all the traditional elements
like mouse, keyboard, large screen display,
DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative
manner. Advanced Desktop computer is
designed to be placed on two stands, opens
by simultaneously pressing and holding the
two buttons located on each side. After
opening the stand and turning ON the PC,
pressing the detaching mouse button will
allow you to detach the optical mouse from
the PC body. This concept features a laser
keyboard that can be activated by pressing
the particular button. Advanced Desktop
computer is very small, it is having only 6
inch diameter sphere. It is having
120×120mm motherboard.

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