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Editor Choice- Proposal For Research In Novation Capacity As A Factorin The Competitiveness Of Software Industry Of Jalisco

José Guadalupe Vargas Hernández, María José Calle Medrano

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The aim of this work is to propose a research to determine an index to measure innovation capacity of enterprises in the software industry of Jalisco, based on a survey of the companies in the Software Center of the State, as well as evaluating the influence that has the capacity for innovation on competitiveness, seeking empirical evidence to answer the question. The main hypothesis for this research is the ability to innovate is a factor that positively affects the performance of companies in the software industry, which is reflected in the competitiveness of sector. The methods used in this research are three: innovativeness index (ICI), Linear Regression Model with OLS and Soft Computing using evolutionary algorithms: FUZZYCESAR, the latter something very new which puts us in the forefront of knowledge in methods it is still.

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