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Knowledge of the variations of renal vascular anatomy has importance in exploration and treatment of renal trauma, renal transplantation, renal artery embolization, surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm and conservative or radical renal surgery. The present case shows bilateral     duplication of renal artery in 60-year-old male cadaver during routine dissection of abdomen. On right side, the first renal artery was arising from abdominal aorta just below the origin of superior mesenteric artery. The artery was running laterally for a distance of 6 cm and reached the hilum of right kidney. The second renal artery was also taking origin from abdominal aorta 2 cm below the origin of superior mesenteric artery at the level of L1 vertebra, proceeding laterally and also entered the hilum of right kidney. On left side, the first renal artery was taking origin 1.5 cm below the origin of superior mesenteric artery from abdominal aorta while the second renal artery was arising from abdominal aorta at the level of L3 vertebra. Both the arteries were running laterally to enter the hilum of left kidney.
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