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Students’ Feedback on the Utility of Gross Anatomy Manual in Learning Anatomy

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Archana Rani, Anita Rani, Jyoti Chopra, Garima Sehgal, R K Diwan, AK Pankaj, RK Verma
Published Apr 2, 2014


Objective: Gross anatomy manual is a mandatory activity in most of the medical schools in India as well as abroad. As large part of anatomy is the spatial relationship between various parts of human body, drawing can be very useful tool in learning complex anatomical facts or relation. This will help in integrating the knowledge more effectively and also reinforcing information and performing better during their examinations. In our department, diagrams drawn in gross anatomy manual are evaluated and marks scored in it make an essential component of formative assessment of the students.Methods: A questionnaire based study was conducted involving 236 first year MBBS students, to know how the students perceive the role of gross anatomy manual in their study.Results: Analysis of the results depicted that 71.61% of students accepted that drawing diagrams help them in understanding the spatial relationship of anatomical facts while 28.39% of students were of opinion that it is a useless activity. Few students also suggested some other possibilities to improve existing trend. Conclusion: The study concludes that maximum numbers of students were in favor of drawing the gross anatomy manual as it helps in better understanding of the subject.Key words: Gross anatomy manual, learning, drawing, assessment

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