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Anil Shetty Shraddha Shetty


Background: Infant mortality rate and sex ratio are invaluable health and socioeconomic indicators. There have been considerable gains in both indices. However the gains are not uniform and consistent. Aims: To determine if the change in infant mortality rate has positively influenced the sex ratio and to study the regional variations of these parameters. Materials and Methods: Sex ratio and infant mortality rate data from the past 4 censuses from 1981 to 2011 on 24 states were collated and analyzed. Results: There is a significant regional variation among the states and ranges from a sex ratio of 1084 for Kerala and 868 for Delhi. The infant mortality rate ranges from 11 for Goa and Manipur and 59 for Madhya Pradesh. States which have a low IMR do not necessarily have a better balanced sex ratio. Conclusion: There is significant regional variation in these parameters and the gains of a falling IMR are not equitably distributed. 

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